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Yes, it's possible with Integrity as your partner.

"We love working with Integrity, so our staff can focus solely on getting our clients ready for funding."

Leverage us as your partner so you can focus on what you do best, funding merchants. With Integrity, you'll get:

Funds to offset or eliminate your origination costs with every approved referral.
Funds for every approved referral you send to us, no matter how you fund them (ACH or split) or whether you fund them at all.
Best-in-class payment technology solutions (EMV, Apple Pay, POS Integration Support)

Let Us Help You Do What You Do Best - Fund Merchants

Increased Revenue

Great Service

Easy and Fast

Earn beyond your regular income - all you have to do is refer merchants. Once we approve your referral, you get paid.

Offset your origination fees! No matter whether you fund a merchant or not, if we convert the merchant, you will receive funds... even if you fund the merchant using an ACH. 

 You don't need to learn anything about merchant services or processing or even talk about processing at all. You don't even have to use split funding for the merchant. 

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